Tips for Cuffing Season/Members of The Sad Girls Club

Cuffing season is among us ladies. While this is what some look forward to, the rest of us are dreading. It’s just another way of saying, “hey let’s have a summer love affair but not really say it out loud because we both know what the deal is.” Netflix & Chill is so overrated and yet we still hear the term. Although we have every right for our miniature affairs, it gets old. Love is universal and we definitely all need it. Here are a few tips on how to survive Netflix & Chill whether you enjoy it or not.

  1. Make sure your body is adjacent with your mind. Your body may be in tune for the do but your mind is much stronger. Feed off of your cognitive intuition. It knows best.
  2. Dudes will always try, you don’t have to. No means no. Make that statement be known before you get into anything. Let your besties know where you are just in case. Speed dial is legit.
  3. Protection. Safe sex is the best sex. No one’s saying “OMG casual sex is wrong” or “sex only comes after monogamy” Just protect yourself so you can enjoy your life.
  4. Stir his mind. Whatever happened to dinner and a movie? Go out somewhere. Hiking, apple picking, the theater. Something public. If he wants to stay cooped up then you already know where his mind just might be (headed).
  5. DO WTF YOU WANT! Don’t give anyone the right to slut-shame, prude-shame or belittle you. This is YOUR life and you chose how you want to live it. Someone else’s opinion is just that, THEIR opinion.