My Go-To Drinks

I like drinking. Morning drinks, afternoon drinks, party drinks and the “I’m bored” drinks. My friends are exactly the same so no way I feel bad for it lol. Undergrad was the peak of my drinking phase and nothing much has changed lol except for more responsibility. Here are a few of my favs


Tequila Sunrise/Sunset
-Orange Juice
-Grenadine Syrup


White Russian
-Vodka (of your choice)
-Coffee Liqueur (preferably Bailey’s)
-Light Cream


Blue Motorcycle
-Sweet and Sour Mix
-7-Up Soda
-Blue Curacao Liqueur


-Orange Juice
-Champagne(of your choice)


Red-Headed Slut
-Peach Schnapps
-Jagermeister Herbal Liqueur
-Cranberry Juice


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